Treatment and healing are aided by the nature (the sea, mud and water) and other physical stimuli used (electricity and ultrasound).


Lye therapy
Lye is obtained from the extraction of salt from Pomorie Lake. It typically remains on top of the salt layer. Its composition is similar to that of mud, which is why it also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Lime forms after the evaporation of salt water and the crystallization of salt and contains potassium, sodium, magnesium, chloride and sulfates.
Lye compresses have sex shop the most widespread use, mostly as a therapy for diseases affecting the bones and the motor system, rheumatism, traumas and orthopedic diseases (soft tissue and bone injuries, sprains, twisted joints and broken bones) as well as neurological diseases. Lime is used in its natural form after being heated by water evaporation. It has a powerful pain-relief effect.
Magnetic therapy
Magnetic field therapy with a pain relief effect
Vacusan neuromuscular electrical stimulation
Cross currents therapy. Anti-inflammatory and pain relief effect. Applied with small suction devices, which massage the tissue and cause the muscles to contract accelerating healing.

Diadynamic– a therapy reliant on the use of different frequency electrical currents. Relieves a variety of conditions such as discopathy, plexitis, radiculitis etc.

Ultrasound- a therapy combining high frequency electricity and a medicinal substance, which is massaged deep into the skin

Lye electrophoresis – a therapy with lime and galvanic electricity. Medicinal lime is infused directly into skin tissue. Recommended for a variety of joint disorders.

Lye inhalations–An ultrasound inhalator is used, which causes the lime to reach all parts of the respiratory system (sinuses, the trachea and lungs) as fine dust particles. Recommended for the treatment of chronic bronchitis, pharyngitis and sinusitis.

discount price
20 min
12.00 BGN
10 min
15.00 BGN
Lye inhalations
10 min
9.00 BGN
Lye compresses
20 min
12.00 BGN